• Exercise groups are welcome and can be booked for a minimum 1 hour time increment.

  • Brewery tours are available and will be tailored to your tastes.  Want to experience a local restaurant?  Just ask.

  • We can set up special events such as bike karaoke, theme rides, or food tours and will work hard to  accommodate special requests.

  • Each tour is tailored to your plans and can change during the tour by speaking with your pilot.  What starts out as a brewery tour can become so much more if you want to get some quick burgers or dogs, or a fun stop at the corner bar?

  • Unfortunately there is no alcohol allowed on the bike as state law prohibits it.  But the bike can stop as many or as few times as you would like.  You are in control.  The only constraint is the 2 hour time limit, unless you request a different time line before you book. 

  • On our Bike  there are ten pedaling seats, two passive bike seats, and a super comfy bench for two more on the back. Features of the tour include cup-holders, overhead storage for purses and jackets, sound-system and adjustable seats! Bike tours require a minimum of 8 riders to peddle and can accommodate up to 14 riders total.  Tours are 1-2 hours in duration and are only booked as private group tours.

  • You must be 16 years of age or older to pedal and a minimum of 12 years of age to ride in a passive seat without prior approval. 

  • After Covid restrictions there will be a few tours a week offered for single rider slots.  Please check the calendar located under the tours on the home page as it will be listed there once available. 

  • Items provided by Star City Cycle Pub:

  1. Bottled water will be provided free of charge.  Gatorade will be available for purchase and will require cash on the bike. 

  2. Bicycle helmets will be provided for riders that wish to have them for their own safety, this must be requested prior to the day of the tour(helmets are not kept on the bike.  

  3. We will allow you to play your own playlist over the speaker but due to the public nature of the bike you should keep your playlist PG13 during daylight hours.  

  4. If it rains we will have ponchos for sale on the bike as a cash only purchase.  If you have them and the weather calls for rain we recommend bringing your own. 

  5. We will have beer lists and menus from local breweries and restaurants for you to preview before your tour.